What are the refueling principles and storage systems of calcium hydroxide equipment

For users, buying calcium hydroxide equipment is to use the equipment. But as long as it is mechanical equipment, it cannot be separated from the use of oil. Calcium hydroxide equipment is also the same. So, what are the principles and systems for calcium hydroxide equipment when adding and replacing oil? Let’s take a look at the refueling principles and storage system of calcium hydroxide equipment.

The principle of refueling calcium hydroxide equipment

1. For calcium hydroxide equipment with oil sight glass, the middle line of the oil sight glass is used as the lower limit line, and the upper limit line is 5 mm above the lower limit line. For those with tubing joints, the above joints are used as the upper limit line, and half of the upper and lower joints are used as the lower limit line.

2. For equipment with tubular oil mark, the upper and lower limit lines on the tubing are used as the principle of refueling; for pumps with oil, the upper limit is located at the joint surface between the base and the needle seat, and the lower limit line is 10 mm lower than the upper limit line. It can be observed according to the plastic pipe on the oil pump.

3. The principle of refueling is about 1/2 of the internal gap and should not be overfilled.

4. The calcium hydroxide equipment should be cleaned before storage, and the water used to remove dirt, dust and other dirt should be cleaned. The lubricated parts should be oiled, and the outer machined surface should be oiled.

5. In addition to refueling, the processed surface should be wrapped and protected. The nameplate on the machine should be wiped clean with clear writing. The water should be completely drained. The lubricated parts should be oiled, and the outer machined surface should be oiled.

6. When the calcium hydroxide equipment and its accessories are out of use, they should be stored in a dry, ventilated, easy-to-drain and easy-to-observe place to avoid disassembly, loss or incorrect loading.

7. The storage place should be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, and flammable materials should not be stored near the storage place to prevent fire.

8. The pipes leading to the inside of the calcium hydroxide equipment, such as the water inlet and outlet, oil injection port, exhaust hole and inspection hole, etc. The pipe joints should be wrapped and covered, especially the upward pipe, and carefully blocked to prevent foreign matter from entering the cylinder.

9. The internal combustion engine machinery should be started once a month. If it cannot be started, it should be moved and rotated to lubricate its interior and prevent rust

The storage system of calcium hydroxide equipment

1. The newly purchased calcium hydroxide equipment will be replaced once in the first 300 hours of operation, working for more than 10 hours a day, and changing the oil every 2500 hours. If you work less than 10 hours a day, change the oil every 6 months.

2. The newly purchased calcium hydroxide equipment needs to be filled with butter in sequence until the cavity is completely filled. After that, it will be added every 3 months. Grease should be replaced every 12 months of operation.

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3. The method of replacing the grease is to disassemble, take out the parts, clean, and then apply the grease weight specified during assembly. Before assembly, all parts should be spread evenly.

4. According to the specific conditions of the construction progress, when the equipment configured by the company is not in use, the project should repair and reform the deactivated equipment, and the technical conditions shall meet the prescribed secondary standards.

5. Within one month after the completion of the transformation, the company shall notify the Machinery, Materials and Equipment Department for acceptance in writing. After passing the inspection, the calcium hydroxide equipment will stop charging for these three items next month, otherwise, it will continue to refurbish until they pass the inspection.

6. During the renovation period, the Machinery and Materials Department will continue to charge for these three items.

According to the above calcium hydroxide equipment refueling principles and the content of the storage system, I believe everyone has a good grasp of the principles and methods of calcium hydroxide equipment refueling and oil change. In order to ensure the better operation of the equipment, as a staff member, it is necessary to regularly check the lubricating oil for timely addition and replacement.