Calcium hydroxide production line industry solutions

The calcium hydroxide production line is used in a variety of industries, and the production process can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

For the chemical industry, our company has various types of equipment to choose from.

High-purity calcium oxide production line, the purity of calcium oxide can reach more than 94%.

High-purity calcium hydroxide production line, the purity of calcium hydroxide can reach more than 98%.

325 mesh fineness calcium hydroxide production line.

2000 mesh superfine calcium hydroxide production line

High specific calcium hydroxide production line.

The above equipment covers purity, activity, fineness, specific surface area and other common indicators in the chemical industry. And carried out a refined design and distinction.

The calcium hydroxide production line used in the chemical industry typically involves the following steps:

Limestone quarrying: The first step is to extract limestone from a quarry.

Calcination: The limestone is then heated in a kiln to produce calcium oxide (quicklime).

Slaking: The quicklime is mixed with water in a process known as slaking to produce calcium hydroxide.

Purification: The calcium hydroxide is purified to remove any impurities or contaminants that could affect the quality of the product. This step may involve filtration or other separation techniques.

Drying: The purified calcium hydroxide is dried to reduce its moisture content and improve its handling and storage properties.

Milling: The dried calcium hydroxide may be further processed by milling to achieve a finer particle size, which can improve its performance in chemical applications.

Blending: The calcium hydroxide powder may be blended with other chemicals to produce a desired product. For example, it may be mixed with sulfuric acid to produce calcium sulfate, which is used in the production of gypsum board.

Packaging: The final step is to package the calcium hydroxide product into bags or bulk containers for distribution to customers.

Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the calcium hydroxide product meets the required specifications for purity, particle size, and other properties.

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