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What are the cleaning methods of hydrated lime equipment?

During the long-term use of hydrated lime equipment, a lot of dust will accumulate. If it is not cleaned in time, the dust will gradually accumulate in the equipment. Over time, it will not only increase energy consumption, reduce the quality of production products, but also affect the capacity of the equipment, and even cause […]

Introduction to the process flow of hydrated lime equipment

The technical process of the lime equipment is to add raw quicklime from the loader to the silo, evenly add it to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder, and crush it to about 30-50 mm. The dust generated during the crushing process of the equipment is introduced into the pulse bag filter outside the […]

What are the characteristics of the environmentally friendly calcium hydroxide production line?

With the development of society, the requirements of environmental protection for various industries are getting higher and higher. For calcium hydroxide production enterprises, the requirements for environmental protection are also improved. We know that the current production of calcium hydroxide is generally It is completed by using a complete calcium hydroxide production line, and for […]

Production process and precautions of calcium hydroxide equipment

Calcium hydroxide equipment, also known as calcium hydroxide production line, is mainly used for the production of calcium hydroxide. With the increasing application of calcium hydroxide in industrial production, calcium hydroxide equipment has also been upgraded many times. There has been a qualitative change from performance to product. For the production process of calcium hydroxide […]

Common sense of use of calcium hydroxide production line

The calcium hydroxide production line adopts a double-shaft stirring structure and consists of a bucket elevator, a special pulse dust collector, a digester, a semi-finished product conveyor, a powder separator, and a PLC control system. The calcium production line has a series of advantages such as environmental protection, automation, and reduction of labor consumption. So […]

Calcium hydroxide production line operating procedures

Calcium hydroxide production line is a kind of equipment that makes calcium hydroxide from powdered calcium such as quicklime. Therefore, understand the specific steps of the operation procedures of calcium hydroxide production line, learn how to better operate calcium hydroxide production line and calcium hydroxide production line The key points of the operation procedures are […]

What are the production specifications of calcium hydroxide production line

An important application of calcium hydroxide is as a flocculant for water and sewage treatment. It forms fluffy charged solids that help remove smaller particles from the water, resulting in a more transparent product. This application benefits from the low cost and low toxicity of calcium hydroxide. It’s also used in freshwater treatment to raise […]

What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line?

Calcium hydroxide production line is a kind of chemical equipment that uses dry method to produce calcium hydroxide, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, large output, etc. What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line? 1. To meet environmental protection requirements When designing calcium hydroxide equipment, it is necessary to […]

What are the performance of calcium hydroxide production line

The calcium hydroxide production line adopts blades made of special materials and mixing methods, so that the quicklime and water can be mixed evenly and fully reacted. function, it is designed to act to break up the agglomerates created during the reaction. Our calcium hydroxide production line equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance […]

Introduction to the role of calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a white powdery solid. The products produced by the professional calcium hydroxide production line are mainly used for rescue equipment such as compressed oxygen self-rescuers and positive pressure oxygen respirators, which are used to absorb carbon dioxide exhaled by miners. Calcium hydroxide product index 1. Whiteness: >90 […]