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What are the production specifications of calcium hydroxide production line

An important application of calcium hydroxide is as a flocculant for water and sewage treatment. It forms fluffy charged solids that help remove smaller particles from the water, resulting in a more transparent product. This application benefits from the low cost and low toxicity of calcium hydroxide. It’s also used in freshwater treatment to raise […]

What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line?

Calcium hydroxide production line is a kind of chemical equipment that uses dry method to produce calcium hydroxide, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, large output, etc. What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line? 1. To meet environmental protection requirements When designing calcium hydroxide equipment, it is necessary to […]

What are the performance of calcium hydroxide production line

The calcium hydroxide production line adopts blades made of special materials and mixing methods, so that the quicklime and water can be mixed evenly and fully reacted. function, it is designed to act to break up the agglomerates created during the reaction. Our calcium hydroxide production line equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance […]

Introduction to the role of calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a white powdery solid. The products produced by the professional calcium hydroxide production line are mainly used for rescue equipment such as compressed oxygen self-rescuers and positive pressure oxygen respirators, which are used to absorb carbon dioxide exhaled by miners. Calcium hydroxide product index 1. Whiteness: >90 […]

What are the precautions when feeding calcium hydroxide equipment?

Calcium hydroxide equipment is mainly used to produce calcium hydroxide and other chemical products, and almost the entire production is carried out on this equipment. When feeding, you must pay attention to the relevant requirements, and there are also many things to pay attention to. Precautions when feeding calcium hydroxide equipment 1. The calcium hydroxide […]

What are the applications of calcium hydroxide in waste incineration

Nowadays, life is constantly progressing and developing. Of course, it also produces a lot of negative things. There are more and more garbage around us. If we do not deal with it in time, we will soon be buried by garbage. Generally speaking, garbage incineration is still a Now we use the common way of […]

What are the differences between calcium hydroxide equipment and traditional production processes?

In recent years, with the continuous development of my country’s calcium hydroxide market, the technical indicators of calcium hydroxide products are also constantly improving. The traditional calcium hydroxide production process and the inability to meet market demand and technical indicators have been gradually replaced by calcium hydroxide equipment. Everyone has a lot of doubts about […]

How to adjust the fineness of calcium hydroxide equipment?

Users who purchase calcium hydroxide equipment production lines usually consult in detail about what standard the calcium hydroxide produced by calcium hydroxide equipment can meet, and purchase corresponding supporting production lines according to their own goals. At present, the calcium hydroxide powder produced by domestic calcium hydroxide equipment can reach industrial grade use, the fineness […]

How to deal with dust when calcium hydroxide powder is selected?

Calcium hydroxide powder selection is to make the extracted calcium hydroxide mesh more pure. There are many kinds of powder separators, such as centrifugal, three-separation, fly ash and other different types. Qualified powder is selected. In the process of calcium hydroxide production, even if it is produced by professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment, it […]

Summary of structure and characteristics of lime digester in calcium hydroxide equipment

Lime digester, also called ash digester, lime digester, is a special equipment for digesting quicklime (calcium oxide) into lime milk or slaked lime powder. The lime digester has the function of vigorously stirring and digesting quicklime. It has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, thorough digestion, high production efficiency, large specific surface area of […]