Brief analysis of five automation systems of hydrated lime production line

With the continuous innovation of science and technology, the era of mechanization and automation has come quietly. After decades of ups and downs, the hydrated lime production line has also entered a new era, and fully automated equipment has gradually replaced manual operations. From the perspective of science and technology, we will follow the calcium hydroxide equipment manufacturers to analyze the equipment automation system:

1. The driving system is the driving force. The drive system is the power source of the main motor of the hydrated lime production line. With the drive system, the production line can run;

2. The transmission system is the medium. Through a certain transmission device, the kinetic energy can be transmitted to each execution organization, so that the execution organization has kinetic energy, which can achieve the purpose of transportation, and can also transfer the energy to the auxiliary organization in the production line;

3. The executive organization is the mechanism. Assisted steps and automation steps can be accomplished by starting the executive organization;

4. The inspection system is guaranteed. This link is a very critical link. We can ensure the accuracy of these parameters by detecting the direction, speed, movement stroke, strength, and medium pressure and flow of the active motor, and then feedback the detection results to the control. system, for inaccurate parameters, we can ensure the accuracy of the detection system by changing certain parameters;

5. The control system is the core. By using the control system, the drive system of the hydrated lime production line and the execution organization of the transmission system can be controlled, and the movement can be assigned to each execution organization or auxiliary organization, so that each execution organization can work in a certain order. Very good for automated production.

With the advancement of science and technology, we believe that hydrated lime equipment will also cater to the continuous innovation of the market. For our company, advanced technology is our advantage, saving resources and recycling effective resources is our responsibility. Our company will carefully analyze the market according to the national conditions, actively take measures, seize opportunities, continuously strengthen market development, accelerate scale expansion, improve the core competitiveness of quality in the industry, and produce and develop hydrated lime production line equipment with market competitiveness.