What are the advantages of calcium hydroxide production line? How does it work?

The production of calcium hydroxide has been developed from the traditional manual to the current intelligent production line, and the production efficiency and production equipment have been greatly improved. The following calcium hydroxide manufacturers will introduce the calcium hydroxide production line to you. What advantages and how does it work!

Advantages of calcium hydroxide production line

calcium hydroxide equipment

1. Diversified products can be produced

Calcium hydroxide production line can produce various specifications of calcium hydroxide, common specifications are 3T/h, 6T/h, 10T/h, 15T/h, 20T/h, which can meet the needs of most customers and also increase for us customer group.

2. Less flue gas emissions

The calcium hydroxide production line has less flue gas emissions, is a very energy-saving production equipment, and complies with the proposed green environmental protection standard.

3. High degree of mechanization

The calcium hydroxide equipment has a high degree of mechanization, and many process computers can be controlled, reducing the disadvantages of manual control. Take labor as an example, skilled workers can produce standard products, but the products produced by new workers are not standard enough, which leads to product inconsistency. The computer-controlled production line produces standardized products.

4. High production efficiency

The efficiency of traditional artificial production is low. Each person does not exceed 1 ton of finished calcium hydroxide during the day. The production capacity cannot meet the large demand for calcium hydroxide in various industries such as power plant desulfurization, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical food, petroleum, and paper making. The single-machine output of calcium hydroxide production line ranges from 3T/h to 20T/h, and the product fineness ranges from 200 mesh to 600 mesh. Different schemes can be completed according to user requirements and the product quality meets industry requirements.

5. Excellent inspection system

(1) Rigid inspection by electronic means, and inspection personnel sampling unit time, can ensure the stability of product quality and prevent quality problems caused by deviations in raw material production.

(2) Rigid assessment is carried out by electronic means, and equipment maintenance personnel conduct inspections on the operation cycle of each part, so as to find problems in time and solve them in time to avoid equipment running with faults.

(3) Electronic rigid inspection method, each running part is lubricated and circulated to avoid oil-free operation and accidental wear.

Working principle of calcium hydroxide production line

The quicklime is crushed to about 10-40mm by the crusher, and then sent to the crushed calcium oxide storage tank through the bucket elevator. Under the slow and low-speed stirring of the stirring rod (basically no wear), the preliminary digestion and decomposition is completed by chemical means (it can be divided into single, double and triple shafts according to different output), and then enters the secondary and tertiary slaked lime chemical digesters (according to the output Different can be divided into single, double and triple axis) to complete the digestion process.

After the digested lime is naturally decomposed into qualified meshes by chemical means, it is sent to the bucket elevator by the semi-finished product screw conveyor, and then sent to the mesh classifier by the bucket elevator (the mesh number can be adjusted arbitrarily). Slaked lime and remove impurities. The slaked lime is sent to the bucket elevator by the finished product conveyor and then unloaded into the finished product calcium hydroxide silo, and then sub-packaged according to the needs of the user (can be in a tanker or in a bag).

The above is the answer to the question of what are the advantages of the calcium hydroxide production line. After the above introduction, it can be seen that the calcium hydroxide production line has the advantages of producing diversified products, less exhaust gas, high degree of mechanization, high production efficiency, and excellent inspection system, etc. Advantage.