What should I pay attention to when purchasing calcium hydroxide production equipment?

No matter what you buy, a clear purchase purpose is a very important beginning. Because only when you choose a product that suits you can you make the later use more smooth, whether it is a normal product or a large-scale production equipment, it is very important for the purchase, so choose calcium hydroxide production equipment, what do you mainly look at?

Purchase calcium hydroxide production equipment

1. In fact, for large-scale production equipment such as calcium hydroxide equipment, we should not be greedy for cheap, because after all, you get what you pay for. Of course, you don’t have to choose the so-called top equipment, because only the equipment that suits you is a good equipment. , When buying calcium hydroxide equipment, you must do a good job on-site inspection and choose according to your actual needs.

2. For the internal structure of calcium hydroxide equipment, it is very complicated, so we must understand its internal structure, plus calcium hydroxide equipment is a production type equipment, for the production of calcium hydroxide It is also very important. Only when the internal structure is understood can the calcium hydroxide production be better. If it is necessary to sign an agreement with the calcium hydroxide equipment manufacturer when purchasing.

calcium hydroxide equipment

3. Look at the effortless operation of the oil pump motor. Because when the oil pump motor is running hard, it will cause the motor to be burned, and it will not be good if it delays our use. The reason for this failure is usually that the pressure adjustment of the total pressure regulator of the calcium hydroxide equipment is too large. The total pressure regulating valve should be reduced gradually until the motor runs normally. Therefore, after buying the equipment, we also need to adjust and check the operating status of the machine in time.

4. Check whether the vibrating force of the vibrator will be insufficient. After all, when the vibrating force of the vibrator is insufficient, the calcium hydroxide cycle will be long or the calcium hydroxide will be loose, and the pressure of the lower mold will be too large. The pressure suppresses the vibrating of the vibrator, so the pressure of the independent pressure regulating valve corresponding to the upper oil pipe of the lower die cylinder should be reduced. This equipment is not recommended for purchase.

5. To see if the calcium hydroxide production equipment meets the deep processing standard, the whiteness needs to be well controlled, and the effective calcium oxide is produced with more than 90% lime. This requires matching high-efficiency, high-quality, energy-saving and consumption-reducing production line equipment to further meet production needs.

The above is a specific analysis of the precautions for purchasing calcium hydroxide production equipment. It is hoped that some users can choose the appropriate model when purchasing. Only the appropriate model can bring very large effects and production benefits.