What systems does the calcium hydroxide production line include?

Calcium hydroxide is a kind of inorganic compound commonly used in various industries. If calcium hydroxide can play a good role, it is necessary to choose excellent quality products. Naturally, it is inseparable from excellent production line equipment. What systems does the calcium hydroxide production line include?

The system of calcium hydroxide production line

1. Drive system

The driving system is mainly the power source of the active machine in the calcium hydroxide production line. For the equipment to operate, a driving system is necessary.

2. Execution system

The role of the execution system is mainly to complete the auxiliary steps and the initiative steps.

3. Transmission system

The kinetic energy can be transmitted to each execution system through the transmission device, so that the execution system has the kinetic energy to enable the production line to achieve the purpose of transportation, and at the same time, it can also transfer the energy to the auxiliary system in the production line.

4. Detection system

This is a very important system, which can ensure the accuracy of the parameters by detecting the direction, movement stroke, speed, strength, and medium flow and pressure of the active machine of the calcium hydroxide production line, and then feedback the detection results to the control For the system, for inaccurate parameters, the parameters can be changed to ensure the accuracy of the system.

5. Control system

The function of the control system is to control the drive system of the calcium hydroxide production line and the execution system of the transmission system, which can distribute the movement to each execution system or auxiliary system, so as to work in a certain order to complete automated production.

Features of calcium hydroxide production line

1. Diverse functions

Calcium hydroxide production line can adopt biaxial stirring form with various functions, such as stirring, crushing agglomeration and self-cleaning, etc. Its unique blade and stirring method can make the quicklime and water mix uniformly, and the reaction is sufficient, and it is for the formation of the reaction. Chunks can play a role in breaking.

2. Facilitate the transportation of materials

The feed port of the digester of the calcium hydroxide production line is designed with a spiral feeder, which is more convenient for the transportation of materials and can prevent the backflow of dust during the digestion process.

3. Does not pollute the environment

The calcium hydroxide production line is also equipped with a dedicated port for exhausting steam and dust, which can be discharged to a dedicated dust removal system through a connecting pipe, and then used with pulse dust removal equipment to better deal with the dust generated during the digestion of calcium hydroxide And harmful gases, after use, the waste dust and white ash can be reused, and now there is no dust pollution.

The above is the answer to the question of which systems are included in the calcium hydroxide production line. After the above introduction, it can be seen that the calcium oxide production line mainly includes drive systems, execution systems, transmission systems, detection systems, control systems, etc. The production line has a variety of functions and is convenient for materials. It has the characteristics of transportation and no pollution to the environment, so it has won unanimous praise from users.