Operating Regulations of Calcium Hydroxide Production Line

The automatic calcium hydroxide production line produced by Luoyang Gaifeng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. has good use performance. The equipment uses a self-developed PLC electrical control system with data processing and reference, Count setting, direct interface display, equipment alarm and many other functions, which greatly simplifies production.The management cost has improved the production efficiency of the enterprise.

The automatic calcium hydroxide production equipment uses international and domestic first-class electrical components to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment operation and control system. Including 3T/h, 6T/h, 10T/h, 15T/h, 20T/h and other product specifications, it can meet the various needs of customers, and the product quality fully meets the industry requirements.

Calcium’s automatic calcium hydroxide production equipment can produce products that can meet the requirements of calcium hydroxide in the fields of fine chemicals, smelting desulfurization, petrochemicals, agriculture, medical treatment, food processing, sewage treatment, and garbage treatment.

In order to ensure the better use of calcium hydroxide equipment in various fields, we should pay attention to whether our operating behavior is standard, so as not to affect the accuracy of the operation by misoperation.

1. Calcium hydroxide equipment should be installed on a fixed foundation in accordance with the prescribed installation method. Before the equipment is officially put into operation, use triangular wood to wedge the wheels or use brakes. In order to avoid walking in work, when there are multiple devices running in parallel, there should be a one-meter passage between the machines and between the machines and the wall.

2. Before using the calcium hydroxide equipment, check that all operating parts, belt buckles and bearing devices should be normal, and the protective equipment should be complete. Before starting the calcium hydroxide equipment, the tightness of the tape needs to be adjusted to an appropriate level.

3. The belt calcium hydroxide equipment should be started without load. Feeding can only be carried out after normal operation. Do not drive after feeding.

4. There are several equipment series operations, which should start from the discharge end and start in order. After everything is running normally, you can eat.

5. The belt deviation phenomenon during operation should be stopped and adjusted, and it should not be used forcibly, so as to avoid abrasion of the edge and increase the load.

6. The temperature of the working environment and delivered materials shall not be higher than -50 and lower than -10. Materials containing acid, alkali oil and organic solvents shall not be transported.

7. There must be no pedestrians or passengers on the conveyor belt of the equipment.

8. Feeding needs to be stopped before stopping, such as unloading with material can be stopped.

9. The motor of calcium hydroxide equipment needs to be well insulated. Do not pull the equipment cables. The motor should be grounded reliably.

10. When the belt is slipping, it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand to avoid accidents.