What are the installation forms of the calcium hydroxide production line?

The calcium hydroxide production line is also called calcium hydroxide equipment. It is used to process calcium hydroxide. Through years of technological innovation, its performance and technology are getting higher and higher. Depending on the place of use, its installation form is different. Luoyang As a professional manufacturer of calcium hydroxide production line in China, Caofeng Industry and Trade will introduce to you the installation form of the equipment.

Stepped calcium hydroxide production line:

1. Consider this approach for companies with spacious venues.

2. It is a more traditional type of calcium hydroxide equipment, usually single shaft or double shaft, double stage and digestion method. Therefore, the installation area of ​​the digester of the equipment is much larger than that of the tower type.

3. Due to the large area of ​​the equipment, the sections can be well separated for maintenance during maintenance, which reduces unnecessary disassembly of components, and the stepped type can have a variety of arrangements, including L-shaped, straight-shaped, and U-shaped. It can be installed, and the installation method is highly adjustable.

Stepped calcium hydroxide production line

Tower type calcium hydroxide production line:

1. For companies with small production sites, this type of equipment can be used as an option.

2. It is a unique style, multi-axis and multi-style. Since the digester of the equipment is in a cascading style, multi-stage digesters can be placed in a unit area, so its advantage is that it occupies a small area.

3. Of course, the compactness of the equipment also brings about a problem. The internal space of the equipment is small, and all parts need to be disassembled for one maintenance. It takes more effort to complete the maintenance work and the maintenance cycle is relatively long.

There are two types of installation of calcium hydroxide equipment. It is a commonly used processing equipment in the field of calcium powder processing. The multi-style form and performance can greatly improve the utilization rate of the equipment. Of course, maintenance and maintenance are also required during daily use. Maintained.