What are the equipment components of hydrated lime production line

Hydrated lime is relative to quicklime. It is a common white calcium hydroxide substance with strong corrosiveness. According to the characteristics of the mine, it is mainly used in construction, metallurgy, building materials, mining and other fields.

Hydrated lime production line is a professional production line for special treatment of this substance. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of this substance, it is a reasonable choice for us to choose a production line to process it. So what are the main equipment required for a complete set of hydrated lime production line?

Hydrated lime processing production line hardware composition

There are many processing techniques for hydrated lime. According to the properties and characteristics of the material, we need to use jaw crusher, Raymond mill, rotary kiln and other equipment.

The following three types of equipment are analyzed in detail:

1. Jaw Crusher

This equipment is a very common crushing equipment, which is suitable for many types of materials, so it is very reasonable to use it to process hydrated lime. It can effectively filter out impurities in the material, thereby improving its purity and reducing the content of impurities. , so the equipment is favored and recognized, so it is one of the important components for processing hydrated lime.

2. Raymond mill

Since hydrated lime is a non-metallic mineral, users will also choose Raymond mill for secondary treatment. This equipment has been greatly improved in terms of function through continuous improvement and innovation. During the processing of hydrated lime, The advantage shown is that the production capacity is large, so its output and production capacity will be higher.

3. Rotary kiln

In addition to crushing and grinding, calcination of hydrated lime is also a common processing method, and the equipment to realize the calcination process is the rotary kiln. The new generation of rotary kiln has a very high technological content, and the operation is simpler and more energy-saving. Environmental protection, low energy consumption, this move is in line with the concept of environmental protection, and has been highly recognized by the industry.

Advantages and characteristics of hydrated lime processing production line

GFTX tower case

1. Rationalized structure: Its structure is very novel, and the overall layout is particularly reasonable, which provides a solid hardware foundation for the smooth operation of the equipment, so it can exert more advantages.

2. Simplified operation: In order to further reduce the difficulty of operation and use of the equipment, we have carefully designed it, so it has a high degree of automation, and it will become easier for users to use.

3. Reasonable price: Only a reasonable price can effectively increase its sales volume, and at the same time enhance its market competitiveness. Our price is relatively reasonable, and it is also more affordable compared with other manufacturers.

About the equipment composition of the hydrated, I will introduce it to you here. I hope to help you better. We are a professional manufacturer of hydrated lime equipment and look forward to your letter of consultation!