How much is calcium hydroxide production line

With the further development of the industry, the lime deep processing industry has a broad market prospect, and the professional lime deep processing production line is the equipment that helps the industry create value. Professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment, with the advantages of high efficiency and high output, environmental protection and noise reduction, helps calcium hydroxide grinding projects to create value.

So, what is the price of calcium hydroxide equipment? In fact, regarding the price of a complete set of calcium hydroxide production line, users first need to learn how to select equipment. Different project requirements have different matching production line plans. Therefore, the price of a complete set of calcium hydroxide production line will also vary.

The calcium hydroxide production line mainly includes a calcium hydroxide digestion system, a mill, a series of fine powder separators, and an integrated grinding system. Among them, the digestive system is an intelligent water distribution system, which adopts a dual dust removal system of pulse bag filter and water dust removal to achieve efficient dust removal. Rapid hot water ash can speed up digestion and milling rate. The pulverizer is a large-scale grinding equipment, which can be reused, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. The fine air separator has high powder selection and cleanliness, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which can greatly improve the output and whiteness of the mill system.


The digester system is mainly a device for digesting quicklime into slaked lime powder, and can also digest quicklime into lime milk. The main principle of the slaked lime digester is that after the spraying device sprays water to the quicklime in the digester according to a certain amount of water supply, the quicklime is strongly stirred in the mixing tank by the rotation of the wear-resistant stirring blade and gradually melted, digested, matured, Homogenization. Digester has the following industry advantages.

1. Precise water distribution system

This system will carry out computerized precise water distribution according to the specific gravity of quicklime entering, which completely solves the problem of continuous water distribution by the water distribution valve under the conditions of uneven feeding, intermittent feeding, and stop feeding.

Calcium hydroxide production line

2. Automated production

Adopt PLC automatic control, get rid of some disadvantages of the original manual control, strengthen the quality control ability, and greatly improve the product quality.

3. Environmental protection

The complete system is produced under negative pressure and is equipped with a pulse dust collector.

I will share with you the price of calcium hydroxide production line here. In fact, the price of large, medium and small calcium hydroxide production lines is based on the output and fineness of calcium hydroxide to be produced as a reference, and the obtained configuration list is summarized and quoted. The output is different, the configuration is different, and the price is also different.