What are the powder selection methods for calcium hydroxide equipment?

For the production of calcium hydroxide, the powder selection method of the calcium hydroxide equipment is also required. Generally, there are two powder selection methods adopted by calcium hydroxide equipment, namely cyclone dust collection method and cloth bag type collection method.

The powder selection method of calcium hydroxide equipment

1. Cyclone dust collection method

The air outlet of the fan is connected to the analyzer of the powder separator, the air outlet of the analyzer is connected to the spiral harvester, and the air outlet of the spiral harvester is connected to the air inlet of the fan. For such a cycle, a small dust collector is used to extract a small amount of air volume to compensate for the circulation generated by the closed connection of each pipeline. Leak, and make the air pressure in the entire circulation pipeline lower than the outside air pressure, and at the same time avoid leakage.

The material enters the powder separator room through the inlet located on the upper part of the powder separator room, and then falls on the spreading plate through the upper and lower cones of the medium and coarse powder collecting cone and the macaroni pipe. The driven shaft rotates, and the material is evenly scattered around under the action of inertial centrifugal force. The dispersed material is thrown away by the inertial centrifugal force under the action of the high-speed airflow from the external fan into the powder selection chamber through the air inlet. To the inner wall of the powder room.

After the collision, it loses kinetic energy and slides down the wall and falls into the coarse powder collecting cone. The remaining particles are rolled up by the rotating ascending airflow. When passing through the action area of ​​the large wind blade, under the impact of the large wind blade, a part of the coarse powder particles will be Throw to the inner wall of the powder selection chamber, lose kinetic energy after collision, slide down the wall, and fall into the coarse powder collecting cone.

The internal airflow is due to the addition of a dust collector on the closed circulation pipeline of the powder separator. The calcium hydroxide equipment chooses this method mainly because the wind is a closed circulation air, which has no limited emissions to the atmosphere and avoids pollution.

2. Bag-style collection of finished products

After passing through the large wind blades, the medium coarse powder and fine powder continue to rise through the vertical guide blades into the secondary powder selection area under the action of the updraft. Under the action of the strong and stable plane vortex formed by the rotating cage rotor, the dust-laden airflow causes the medium and coarse powder to lose kinetic energy after being thrown to the vertical guide vane under the action of centrifugal force, and fall into the medium and coarse powder collecting cone. The medium coarse powder tube is discharged.

If the calcium hydroxide equipment strictly controls the filter mesh number of the filter bag, because the calcium hydroxide will produce a small amount of very fine particles <1500 mesh during the natural decomposition, the wind will be directly discharged into the atmosphere after the finished product is collected by the bag filter. If a cloth bag is not used for collection, the pressure loss of the fan will be caused during the decomposition process, and the fan selection will be too large.

The above is all about the powder selection methods of calcium hydroxide equipment. In fact, we know that the overall purity and output of calcium hydroxide will be improved by a certain powder selection method. Calcium hydroxide equipment under the premise of the same output, because the bag type wind pressure loss is smaller than that of the cyclone type, but the power of the fan is higher than that of the cyclone type collection method.