What are the advantages of the dry process of the hydrated lime production line

The hydrated lime (slaked lime) production line equipment consists of: raw material silo, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, feeding silo, screw conveyor, ashing machine, primary digester, secondary digester, pulse dust collector, screw conveyor, It is composed of bucket elevator, powder separator and powder collector. The main production processes are generally divided into two types: dry process and wet process. As a professional slaked lime equipment manufacturer, Cafeng will give you the following detailed introduction on the characteristics of the dry process of slaked lime equipment. Let’s take a look!

Dry process characteristics of hydrated lime production line:

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1. It can control the digestion reaction time of quicklime in the digester. Through PLC centralized control and multiple adjustment methods, the lime digestion process can be effectively controlled. The digester can reach 8-15 minutes, so that the quicklime can be completely digested.

2. The digester has good heat preservation performance. The unique design enables a large amount of heat generated during the reaction of quicklime (CaO) to pass through the thermal conversion system, so that the heat in the reaction is fully utilized, which helps to increase the temperature of the internal quicklime digestion material, and improve the digestibility and reaction speed.

3. The feeding process is controlled. The equipment adopts a screw propeller, which can quantitatively transport the material into the first-level digestion chamber, which can prevent the quicklime and water from generating a large amount of hot steam and dust countercurrently entering the spiral feeding scale, which affects the accuracy of the sensing signal .

4. Optimize water distribution and digestion. Through the hierarchical scientific water distribution method, the best water distribution method, the best water distribution ratio and the water distribution time are selected, so that the quicklime can be fully digested.

5. To solve the smoke and dust pollution, the dry digester can effectively treat and purify the hot steam and dust generated in the process of quicklime digestion, ensuring that the worker’s operating environment is free of dust pollution, and the steam outlet concentration can reach no more than 20 per cubic meter of dust content. Milligrams, in line with national emission standards.

Recommendations for selection of hydrated lime production line equipment manufacturers:

When selecting a slaked lime production line, the first thing to consider is strong professionalism, high technical level, and skilled installation. Of course, it is best to go to the slaked lime production line manufacturer to conduct on-site inspections to comprehensively evaluate product quality and actual production conditions.

Whether the product design plan is comprehensive, whether the equipment accessories are matched or not, whether the manufacturer’s qualifications, after-sales service are complete, and whether the personnel training is in place are all the guarantees that determine the smooth and efficient production of the company after purchase. Knowing more about the reputation and reputation of users in the production enterprise, etc., will help you choose the right partner.