The use of calcium hydroxide in the chemical industry

Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a material based on limestone and is the “first filler” in the industry. It is a binary medium and strong alkali (calcium hydroxide is considered a strong alkali in the middle school stage, but in fact it cannot be completely ionized in water, so it is considered a medium and strong alkali), with alkali properties, good for skin, fabrics Corrosive.​​

Calcium hydroxide is processed through strict calcination of calcium hydroxide production line, processed into high-quality ash as raw material, and then processed through careful selection. The application fields of calcium hydroxide are becoming more and more extensive. It is a commonly used building material, and is also used as a fungicide and chemical raw materials. The development of the industry is also very rapid. Calcium hydroxide has the following uses in the chemical industry:

1. The application of calcium hydroxide in the coating industry is also very extensive. In addition to being used as a filler in coatings, it also replaces titanium dioxide and pigments, and is also used to replace light calcium and precipitated barium sulfate;

2. Calcium hydroxide is used as a filler for rubber products in the rubber industry, which can improve the processing properties of rubber and improve the mechanical properties of products, such as improving tearing or tearing strength, flex resistance, and achieving initial strength or semi-reinforcing. Effect;

3. The important inorganic filler in the paper industry is still calcium hydroxide! It can improve the penetration and diffusion ability of paper products.

The above three points are the contributions of calcium hydroxide to the industry. In fact, it also contributes a lot to industries such as water treatment, sewage purification treatment, construction, rubber, plastic filling aids, roadbed reconstruction, incineration, thermal power plant desulfurization, and deacidification.
In addition, calcium hydroxide has also been widely used in agriculture. It is used in agriculture to reduce soil acidity and improve soil structure. The pesticide Bordeaux mixture is prepared with lime milk and copper sulfate aqueous solution in a certain proportion.
This sky-blue, viscous suspension pesticide for fruit trees and vegetables uses copper to destroy pests and diseases. It not only utilizes the property that calcium hydroxide can react with copper sulfate, but also utilizes the feature that calcium hydroxide is slightly soluble in water to make the liquid medicine viscous, which is beneficial to the adhesion of the liquid medicine on plant branches and leaves.

In addition, calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate that is slightly soluble in water, which is also beneficial for the liquid to adhere to the surface of plants for a period of time and not be washed away by rainwater.