Summary of structure and characteristics of lime digester in calcium hydroxide equipment

Lime digester, also called ash digester, lime digester, is a special equipment for digesting quicklime (calcium oxide) into lime milk or slaked lime powder. The lime digester has the function of vigorously stirring and digesting quicklime. It has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, thorough digestion, high production efficiency, large specific surface area of the digested slaked lime powder, environmental protection and hygiene, etc. It is especially suitable for the digestion of poor quality quicklime.

Structure of lime digester for calcium hydroxide equipment

Stirring tank lime digester (ash mixer) is mainly a device that digests quicklime into slaked lime powder, and can also digest quicklime into lime milk. It is divided into two types: single-shaft stirring and double-shaft stirring. Combination of two forms. Each is composed of a power unit, a stirring tank body, a stirring shaft, a wear-resistant stirring blade, a spray device, and a dust removal device.


The characteristics of calcium hydroxide equipment lime digester

1. The equipment has its own independent and reasonable dust removal system, so there is no pollution, and the equipment has the characteristics of compact structure:

2. A set of screw feeders are designed at the feed port of the digester to prevent the backflow of steam and dust generated during the digestion process, so that the formed steam and dust can be concentrated to the dust outlet and enter the dust removal equipment to reduce corrosion and damage to surrounding equipment. damage, provide an excellent working environment. At the same time, the utilization rate of quicklime is also improved. This equipment adopts the cover type water adding device, the water adding amount is more uniform, and the quicklime is digested more thoroughly.

3. The equipment adopts double-helix digestion, so it has good digestion effect, uniform feeding, no spraying, and no blocking. It adopts the form of double-shaft stirring, which has multiple functions and effects such as stirring, crushing agglomeration and self-cleaning. Its unique blade and stirring method make the quicklime and water mix evenly and react fully; it can break the agglomeration produced in the reaction process.

4. The equipment has a special outlet for steam and dust discharge, which can be discharged to a special dust removal pipe through a connecting pipe, which can well handle the dust steam and harmful gas generated during the digestion process of quicklime. After use, the waste dust quicklime can be reused , There is no dust pollution in the on-site environment, so that the quicklime digester can reasonably add the required water to achieve the effect of fully digesting the quicklime.


5. The biaxial blades are made of high-manganese wear-resistant materials, and the heat-treated high-strength wear-resistant alloy materials have the function of self-cleaning bonding materials; effectively avoiding poor discharge and blade wear caused by bonding lime Even the occurrence of problems such as broken shafts prolongs the service life of the equipment.

6. This type of biaxial quicklime digester can be improved in relevant dimensions according to the requirements of the enterprise, and can also be automatically equipped according to the requirements of the enterprise.

7. The blade of the screw shaft is inlaid with cemented carbide, so it has the characteristics of long service life, and the service life is one year with the advantage of equipment.

The above is the summary of the structure and characteristics of the lime digester for calcium hydroxide equipment. Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to know that the main feature of the lime digester (ash machine) is that when the spray device feeds a certain amount of water to the mixing tank After the quicklime is sprayed with water, through the rotation of the specially designed wear-resistant stirring blade, the quicklime is vigorously stirred in the stirring tank and gradually dissolved, digested, slaked and homogenized. The stirring blade also pushes the digested slaked lime powder forward. sports. The components of the damping plate and the limit plate in the stirring tank ensure the digestion time of the quicklime, so that the quicklime is completely digested.