How to deal with the high temperature of calcium hydroxide production line?

Calcium hydroxide production line equipment is a very common milling equipment in the milling industry. After a period of use, large and small problems will always appear, and the way to solve the problem is the key. Therefore, the calcium hydroxide production line manufacturer gave us the following detailed introduction on how to deal with the high temperature of the calcium oxide production line equipment.

Treatment method for high temperature of calcium hydroxide production line:

1. Check whether the extension pipes are unobstructed, and whether the viscosity and grade of the oil meet the requirements;

2. The powder inlet bearing of the grinding roller device should be refueled in time according to regulations, cleaned regularly, and the oil seal should be replaced;

3. The bearings of the grinding roller and grinding ring should be refueled regularly;

4. The bearing room temperature should not exceed 70°C. If the bearing temperature is too high, immediately remove and clean the bearing and the bearing room and other accessories each need to be cleaned once;

5. Fan heating may be caused by high wind pressure. Sometimes we will unconsciously encounter the fan equipment during production, causing the motor to heat up due to changes in the fan’s wind pressure. This also reminds us not to change the equipment arbitrarily in production;

6. There is also the reason for the equipment itself, such as the quality is not good enough, choose big brand, high-quality equipment.

7. It is necessary to reduce the amount of feed, eliminate the powder accumulation in the air duct, and then open the remaining air pipe valves, and control the humidity of the incoming materials below 6%.

8. After being crushed into small particles by the hammer crusher, the bulk material is sent to the storage bin by the elevator, and then sent to the bulk tray on the upper part of the turntable through the vibrating feeder and the inclined feeding pipe. superior.

9. When working in a high-temperature environment, the environment temperature is high and the heat dissipation of the normal working calcium hydroxide equipment is added. Therefore, some devices in the calcium hydroxide equipment production line may experience heat generation due to continuous operation during the production process. If necessary, the calcium hydroxide equipment can be simply cooled down to avoid wear of the components.

10. Pay attention to electricity safety under high temperature operation, ensure that the circuit of the calcium hydroxide equipment production line workshop is unblocked, pay attention to some electrical safety of the calcium hydroxide equipment, and let the calcium hydroxide equipment use some electrical devices when necessary. And do a good job in the inspection of electrical installations in time, if the line is found to be aging or abnormal, it should be shut down in time for processing, and pay attention to production safety.

The above is about how to deal with the high temperature of the calcium hydroxide production line equipment. Calcium hydroxide production line equipment includes different phenomena of excessive temperature, such as fan motor heating and bearing temperature. The customer must first figure out the reason for the temperature increase, and then prescribe the right medicine.