How to choose ultra-fine crushing equipment to crush items?

With the improvement and development of production and processing equipment technology, the application of ultra-fine powder in our lives has become more and more in-depth and widespread. Ultrafine powder crushing equipment includes jet crusher, liquid flow crusher, mechanical crusher and so on. The use of ultra-fine powder equipment to process medicinal materials is also one of the commonly used fields.

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1. Physical properties of medicinal materials:

Common Chinese medicines have the following characteristics: high toughness (common equipment is not easy to crush), strong water absorption (easy to absorb air moisture), small specific gravity, oily and sugary, strong adhesion, and high temperature easily loses its properties.

2. Equipment selection:

According to the different fineness of the medicinal materials, different forms of capsules, decoction pieces, granules, plasters, decoctions, etc. can be made. For these physical properties of Chinese medicine, two types of equipment are used for crushing processing. For traditional Chinese medicines that do not contain sugar or oil, use a graded impact mill (which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the equipment) to achieve the crushing effect; for traditional Chinese medicines containing sugar and oil, you can use a fluidized bed jet mill (low crushing temperature, low crushing temperature, Oily sugar will not melt at low temperature and adhere to equipment) for crushing processing. Application models: jet mill, impact mill, etc.

3. Features of superfine grinder

A. Crush at low temperature to prevent changes in drug properties.

B. Cells can achieve wall-breaking effect and completely release the characteristics of medicines.

C. There is no dust pollution during processing, and the environment is clean and dry.

D. The types and forms of medicines with different fineness can be produced.

E. low energy consumption, high output, fineness 1-75μm adjustable.

F. Bag type dust removal, with a collection rate of over 99%, effectively reducing the loss of raw materials.

G.system operation automation, one-button start and adjustment, PLC control.