What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line?

Calcium hydroxide production line is a kind of chemical equipment that uses dry method to produce calcium hydroxide, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, large output, etc. What are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line?

1. To meet environmental protection requirements

When designing calcium hydroxide equipment, it is necessary to use decomposable, non-toxic and pollution-free materials that meet environmental protection requirements, use environmentally friendly renewable materials as much as possible, avoid the use of harmful materials containing resin and asbestos, and at the same time ensure the performance of the equipment. In order to reduce the use of additional materials, the design should be concise, reduce the waste of energy and reduce the weight of the equipment.

15T installation site of Weinan Yaobai Cement Plant

2. In order to meet the requirements of humanization

Since the users of environmental protection equipment are all front-line workers, the design process of calcium hydroxide equipment should be people-oriented. The control room adopts sound insulation, shock absorption and thermal insulation materials to ensure the sealing performance and environmental protection performance of the control room, and the air conditioner adopts fluorine-free air conditioner. Each lever must be set in a reasonable position, fully considering the purpose of humanization.

3. In order to meet the requirements of intelligent

The requirements of automation should be fully considered in the design. The calcium hydroxide equipment is designed with a fully automatic control device to avoid distracting the operator’s attention, and a fully automatic monitoring and fault diagnosis system is set up to reduce the repetitive operation of the staff, so as to quickly find the fault. location and take appropriate measures.
The above are the design principles of calcium hydroxide production line, which can be used to produce powder products, such as calcium hydroxide, which can be widely used in architectural coatings and chemical production.