Introduction to the role of calcium hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide, commonly known as hydrated lime, is a white powdery solid. The products produced by the professional calcium hydroxide production line are mainly used for rescue equipment such as compressed oxygen self-rescuers and positive pressure oxygen respirators, which are used to absorb carbon dioxide exhaled by miners.

Calcium hydroxide product index

1. Whiteness: >90 degrees;

2. Fineness: >325 meshes;

3. Calcium content: >95%;

4. Moisture content: <2%.

Advantages of calcium hydroxide

1. The whiteness is clear blue and white, and the appearance is good;

2. No impurities exist, high purity;

3. Good solubility, no precipitation, the solution will drop after being placed for more than a month and shake gently;

4. It is smooth after soaking in water and has good construction, which is beyond the reach of ash calcium produced in other places.

Calcium hydroxide use

calcium hydroxide

The specific application of calcium hydroxide sewage treatment

1. It can neutralize free acid in wastewater and acid salt in wastewater.

2. In wastewater, where hydroxide ions can react with metal ions to produce water-insoluble precipitates.

3. The pH value of wastewater can be adjusted to alkaline, which can better precipitate metal hydroxide.

The specific application of calcium hydroxide in agriculture

1. Reduce soil acidity and improve soil structure;

2. Pesticide Bordeaux mixture is prepared with lime milk and copper sulfate aqueous solution in a certain proportion. This sky-blue, viscous suspension pesticide for fruit trees and vegetables uses copper to destroy pests and diseases. It not only utilizes the property that calcium hydroxide can react with copper sulfate, but also utilizes the feature that calcium hydroxide is slightly soluble in water to make the liquid medicine viscous, which is beneficial to the adhesion of the liquid medicine on plant branches and leaves. In addition, calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate that is slightly soluble in water, which is also beneficial for the liquid to adhere to the surface of plants for a period of time and not be washed away by rainwater.

3. In winter, the trees are protected from insects during the winter, and 80 cm of lime slurry is applied above the roots of the trees.

The specific application of calcium hydroxide flue gas desulfurization

It is mainly used to neutralize acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide and a small part of fluoride ion chloride ions, etc., so that the sulfur content of exhaust flue gas meets environmental protection standards.

calcium hydroxide equipment

Application of calcium hydroxide in sugar making process

In the sugar making process, calcium hydroxide is used to neutralize the acid in the syrup, and then carbon dioxide is introduced to make the remaining calcium hydroxide precipitate and filter out, so as to reduce the sour taste of sugar.

Application of calcium hydroxide in coatings

Calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to produce calcium carbonate, which is white and hard to aid coagulation. In the past, when there was no paint, the walls were all painted with lime water.

Application of calcium hydroxide in metallurgical industry

In this industry, in order to coat the metal surface, it is necessary to remove impurities (including metal oxides) on the surface of the metal plate, so dilute sulfuric acid is used to remove it first. The wastewater produced during the production process is neutralized with calcium hydroxide.

Application of calcium hydroxide in leather manufacturing industry

Mainly used for combing process in leather manufacturing industry.

Application of calcium hydroxide in refractory materials

In the production of silica bricks, calcium hydroxide can be used as an additive to enhance the strength and viscosity of the brick. Silica bricks are made of silica with a SiO4 content of not less than 96% as raw materials, adding mineralizers (such as iron scale, lime milk) and binders (such as molasses and sulfite pulp waste liquid), after mixing, molding, drying, firing Equal process system.

The use of calcium hydroxide in food

Due to its strong activity and loose structure, calcium hydroxide is widely used in food additives. There are also additives for making summer jelly, which is a jelly-like substance.

The use of calcium hydroxide in medicine

Medicine has shown that calcium deficiency in the human body will cause a series of physiological problems, such as: high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stones and other diseases. Calcium hydroxide can be used as the main raw material for the synthesis of calcium and calcium cyclopropane and calcium lactate.

Calcium hydroxide in organic biosynthesis

It is used for the synthesis of high-tech biological material HA, the synthesis of feed additive VC phosphate, etc.

To sum up, it is all about the use of calcium hydroxide. There are still many uses for calcium hydroxide, which can be used in industry, agriculture, and animal husbandry. In fact, calcium hydroxide also plays a great role in clinical practice.